Revue performative éditée par Undo-Redo

Fra / Eng

Panos Kouros

(Performing archives and public sphere, collective actions, field and network interventions, ruin events). Works link critical art practices to architecture, urban culture and politics of memory. Projects are initiated as empty platforms for communication actions in response to emergent urban situations. Co-founder of Gregorios Pharmakis plural person ( He teaches at the Department of Architecture, University of Patras. Recent works: Conversations Curatives, Elephant & Castle, London (2009), City Seed Refuge, Berlin (2010), 3 persons, Patras (2011). Recent books: “Constructing the Public Sphere: Topical Works 2002-07”, Athens: Futura, 2007, “Acts of Uttering-together”, Athens: Futura, 2008, "Archive Public", 2012 (forthcoming). (



#3 / Real Estate